Summer leaves without so much as a goodbye. Overnight there is a soulful change that is intuitively understood. Instinctively, like an animal I want to raise my head to the changing air. Taking deep inhalations of clean, cool air, I know without asking, Summer has passed.  I start to get nostalgic for hearty foods and family gatherings. Mornings are reluctant to part with the heavy blanket of night. 

Thick atmospheric clouds draw across the sky.  Even the warmer days, are just that, warmer; but sadly they no longer belong to Summer. Vibrant greens begin to recede to yellow and red, a symbolic burning of the leaves before they tumble to the ground and dance across the pathways.  Soon a winters landscape will be drawn of browns, greys and washed-out blues, but before we get there, join me and embrace this amazing seasonal transformation. 

Autumn is a wonderful time of year to find inspiration, not just in the amazing colours that transform our landscape. But also in the circle of renewal. Every flower fades to reveal its seed heads, many of which endure the entire winter. Their paper-like structures remind us that even flowers don't really die, they simply surrender themselves to the process of renewal.  The ever-enduring circle of life, death and transformation. 

Autumn is, in my option, the strongest of all our earthly seasons, it reveals patterns, shows us endurance through decay and renewal.  It's a fascinating time of year.  


  1. Oh, Sarah! I'm really looking forward to see where your creative heart takes you next!! :)


  2. I so agree...but could never have put it so beautifully.

  3. Your moodiness is my moodiness although
    I must be careful around this short-season darkness - can go a bit crazed !
    Turning, instead, to the salvation of images this time around
    with the hope of my own peaceful surrender to this beautiful time of year.

    Gorgeous images [luv the b/w]

    1. I too know by the time we hit those dark months of full winter I will be longing for Spring... Auturm is beautiful, winter is endured! Thank you for sharing you thoughts here with me Sweetpea.

  4. Hey Sarah Gardner,
    Informative post and your content is superb here .

  5. Your photos and content both are gorgeous .


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