Beyond the Lens Collection Sale

Beyond the Lens, Photoshop Actions Collections are now all $10 until the 31st December 2020. 

This is a wonderful collection of Actions that help transform your images from out of your camera to art. They work across all aspects of processing from brightening to adding tonal changes, colour softness to vibrance.  Each collection comes with its own PDF booklet you can read or download explaining how and when to use each Action. 

Some processing effects simply cannot be achieved in-camera, they need to be processed in order to create the super soft, lightness that is the signature look of my work. 

The Beyond the Lens Orginal Collection was first launched in 2012 and offers wonderful retro summer hazy to images as well as the only collection to have the ProTec Actions that run automatic masked lightening. Purchase today for just $10. See website for full details.