1 May 2015

Hello May

HELLO MAY YOU'RE JUST BEAUTIFUL. All the colours of late spring are now with us here in England. I'm simple in love with this time of year, the freshness of the renewed landscape and the soft pastel pinks and white of the season blossom to the darling shades of tulips. 

GOING BEYOND THE CAMERA Whilst I love my camera there is only so much I can do with it. Processing takes my photography to the next stage, whether I decide to give an image a subtle pop or apply rendered Textures. The key is in keeping it simple, keeping everything in harmony with the original image. Lightening and smoothing out tones creates harmony and lends itself perfectly to floral art.  

I aim to keep my exposure balanced whilst working to the lowest ISO I can get away.  I'll then proceed to process with my Beyond the Lens Original Actions. In the above-top example I've started with the Pre Processing Actions and ProTEC Workflow Action to brighten, lift and sharpen the image. From there I've selected two Creative Actions from the same collection, North Light and LaRosa. To finish I've proceeded to add a couple of soft textures to give the image a smoother faded look. In the top-bottom image I've again kept my exposure low to avoid overexposing highlights proceeding then to process in the same way as the first image. Instead this time Ive selected Joy. Joy is simply a magical Action, transforming grey/blue mid-tones into aqua shades, essential in creating this look.     

I'm still running a $40 saving on all Actions Collection purchased over the May Bank holiday weekend. Available to purchase from my Website or at the top of my Blog page on the Quick Shop tab. (Offer ends Tuesday 5th May, full terms and conditions apply)

Processed with Actions form The Original Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions Collection.