27 April 2015


MY WORK IS GOING TO SURTEX 2015. I'm so thrilled to be represented by SunDance Art Licensing at this years Surtex. I've been working with SunDance for just over a year now and they have been very eager to pick up, not just my photography, but also my new surface design work too!  I have really enjoyed creating this first collection, hand painted in Watercolour and then digitally scanned to create design and repeat patterns. How lovely would it be to one day see my designs made into super-sweet little girls sun dresses.   

Sadly I won't be traveling to New York with my work, but the lovely ladies at SunDance will be in booth 342, so if you're interest in my work please drop by and see them from the 17th -19th May. Visit SURTEX for more information. 


  1. Congratulations! Beautiful design :)

  2. Thank you Marzena, it will be super fun to see what happens at Surtex.

  3. Love your post and i appreciate .

  4. Hello Sarah Gardner,
    Awesome post and these patterns are very exceptional . So much than ks for sharing this post here .