9 March 2015

Spring Inspiration

THIS IS SPRING WITH HER beautiful soft pastel tones that fill me with the promise of Easter and warmer weather. This is my signature look if ever there was one, soft and dreamy.

First I always create a bright balanced image using my two favourite Actions North Light and La Rosa (both available in the Beyond the Lens Original Action Collection.) The second image, on the right, is created from the first by adding Coronation and Creamcake (from the new Beyond the Lens Creative Collection). Either way both image have been created using just two simple steps. 

Both edits are beautiful and there will be days when I love them equally and others when I will sway between the bold and vivid and then the soft and dreamy. But having two versions is always a benefit.  

TOP TIP: Coronation can be a little hazy in it's shadows so try opening the Action and switching off the Blue Shadow layer)

TOP TIP: I photographed these images using my Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens at between 1.8 and 2.5f. In soft defused, non directional light.  I bounced the natural daylight back into the image with two soft white reflectors. 

For more information on Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions visit my WEBSITE or the QUICK SHOP tab at the top of my blog page. 


  1. I have all your Actions, and I love them ;)

  2. i have most of your produts and lovw yr work and creativity- may i ask- is this taken w a dx or an fx camera pls (i know the result is because u r a geaat photographger but i am interested in the field of view achievable w a particular camera)- thanks! :)

  3. what is these flower name . these are looks beautiful .

  4. Flowers sweet smell is my like .

  5. So much thanks for this flower post . Love this .