15 March 2015

Get started with a new idea

STEPPING OUT OF MY IMAGINATION {The start of a new creative process}. Getting a new idea or direction out of my minds imagination, and into the real world, can be a frustrating endeavour! I know all to well, as I'm guilty of falling into the trap of seeking out, or imagining the final result first, often with no regard for the process itself. Often I seek immediate results and become impatient. It's easy to give up, stall or put off simply getting started because the task at hand seems insurmountable.  I have wanted to use illustration and design in my work for some time now and have had both technical and directional hurdles to overcome, but if I'm honest these were perhaps ways to delay. As I know the only path to progress is action itself. 

There is only one way to start something new and that is to start. I know that over planning can be just another stalling tactic. So I did just that, I started! I put aside any regard for outcome, and instead just immersed myself, for four months, in the process of discovery. Please don't worry I'm not about to sell my camera in exchange for new paintbrushes! I'm just looking at alternative ways to expand and return to a more hands on approach to creating. The biggest draw is the return to a two dimensional use of space. To consider placement and interior spaces as oppose to depth of field and focus.  Ultimately I want my photography, illustrations and designs to work hand in hand, but the how must remain an open door.   So every time I starting thinking about the how's and why's I stop myself and remember that I'm still in the discovery phase and close doors, preconceived ideas and notions, are like poison to the true creative process.  

Here is a selection of the scraps of designs that have littered my studio since Christmas. I have allowed myself to explore both bright colours and neutral minimal monochrome designs and patterns. Exploring free fluid movement to tighter intricate design work. Currently I'm happy to explore wherever the mood, and inspiration, of the day takes me.

I will be posting more on my Instagram page, find me here: sarahgardnerphotography

I'm enjoying working both in full colour as well as blue and black ink. Working through ideas is more than a means to an end, its a process of creation, of learning, adaption and self expression. There is no right or wrong, just the work itself. 


  1. Beautiful! Looking forward to where this takes you.

  2. Love your new designs! They'll make beautiful cards. And I see fabrics in your future!

  3. These are the most beautiful designs I have ever seen. I am completely in awe and fully inspired!

  4. Better idea you have shared here . Thanks for your creative idea .

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