30 November 2014

Creating Industrial Conversions

CREATING INDUSTRIAL CONVERSIONS with the NEW Beyond the Lens Creative Actions. Styling your black and white conversions to suit the intention of your photography is essential to bringing in more creative narrative. I have always been drawn to very strong conversions. Traditionally I have a bias towards the masculine strength of deep blacks.  But now as I become more interested in strengthening mood and intention within my work I have started to experiment more with softer, delicate greys and matted effects.  Industrial conversion is fast becoming one of my favourite types of conversions, especially for organic subjects. In my opinion it draws on an atmospheric quality that makes the air feel heavy, like the exhale of breath on a cold morning. It implies a stillness and lingers on the side of eerie. So for all those misty morning landscapes and winter leaves, dew drops and earth and sky shots this type of processing is ideal.

The key to creating this look is to focus on an images mid tone range, illuminating pure blacks and stark whites. By matting both extremes you create a slightly metallic quality. Its this quality that provides the 'industrial' look. You can hand edit this look or use my Beyond the Lens NEW Creative Actions for a consistent result. Beyond the Lens Creative Actions provides three essential Actions that create this look. 

1) Play: Liquorice Action
2) Play: Snowball Action
3) Play: GROUP ALL LAYERS & B&W Action (this will convert your image using the B&W Film 35 Action. It will also group the two previously run Actions.  Now you can adjust the opacities of both Liquorice and Snowball to suit.  

TIP: If you use the Liquorice Action on an already converted image, open the Action and toggle off the Richness Overlay layer, this will remove the slight pinkish tint. 

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