22 September 2014

The Test Card {Beyond the Lens} Additional Creative Actions

WHY A TEST CARD IS ESSENTIAL Designing Actions isn't as simple as just making a few adjustments and recording them. I approach Action design like all my other photographic work with a understanding of light. Whilst Creative Actions bring about tonal and colour changes they must also work with an images light range. Beyond the Len's NEW Creative Add On Collection offers advancements in the management of selective contrast and saturation. Whilst some Actions have been designed to matt out clipped highlights and hazy lowlights. 

For my TEST CARD I have selected a soft floral image shot both on a grey and off white background, with a converted version and a plain standard grey card. In the examples below a white card has also been added, providing an even clearer indication as to how each Action effects the mid tone and whites of each image.

Examples of warmer tonal enhancements

List of Actions reading top to bottom: Coronation / Peaches / Moulin / Pumpkin {Taken from Beyond the Lens Photoshops Actions NEW Creative Add-On Collection}

Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions have been designed to be applied in a similar manner to make-up or paint.  Applying softer layers to give you greater control over the results you want. Layering up several Actions will yield different results and even the order each Actions is played will have an effect on the end result. When using Actions consider your images dramatic range, Beyond the Lens Actions are designed to respond differently to an images highlights, midtones and dark tones, so results will differ to. 

Examples of neutral to cool enhancements 

List of Actions reading top to bottom: Luminous / Pearlisious / Magnificent / Snowball / Bluesteel / Blackbird / Queenie / Original / Porcelain {Taken from Beyond the Lens Photoshops Actions NEW Creative Add-On Collection}

I believe retaining creative flexibility to be of utmost importance so again, as with the original Beyond the Lens Actions, all Creative Actions play out at 50%, and are set up with a finishing layer mask. Results are as strong or as gentle as you wish, there is no need to break into each Actions as they are designed to be balanced enough to use at the click of just one button. 

Beyond the Lens NEW 31 Creative ADD ON Collection available soon.   

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