6 August 2014

The beholder..

IN THE EYE OF THE BEHOLDER Colour or Black & White, either way each image brings something different, speaks to its audience in a different way. This is why knowing your intention before you start processing is really important. To be mindful of what you want to say first... I posted both these images on Facebook and there was no real preference between the two. They were equally liked, but for different reasons. 

I processed the image to create a very even tonal, matt opacity. I wanted the overall skin to be as flat as possible so that the only depth and catchlights remained in her eye. I actually cropped the image before I processed it as I knew straight away I wanted to work with this intense shadow sweep, balanced with her eye. As this isn't a commercial image I'm not worried about any noise, loss of detail of softness created. I just liked it so I just went with it. The full sweep of shadow really pulled me in, and so this crop had more 'power' than the original full face frame, especially as the other eye was obscured by her hair. 

Sometimes, with my work, I see an image (a crop) within the bigger picture, but I become doubtful about making such extreme crops so I don't do it. I used to do this a lot, in some way fearful that what 'I was seeing' in my image wouldn't make sense to others... but now I remember my work doesn't have to be explained or make sense, because it's mine.....  

Sometimes I have to remember that it's okay, in fact it's more than okay, so see myself in my work. To see my choices and my decisions and to work from that standpoint rather than seeking acceptance from others (I believe true acceptance only actually comes when you start being truly authentic with yourself anyway).

Original image with crop ratio shown. 


  1. I am never afraid to crop. I try to take a variety of shots during the shoot, but dang it, sometimes it's after the fact that I really see the image. Also, I tend to do a lot of square format anyways. Like you say, "it's mine". So there. :)

    1. Exactly, yet we're always being told to crop in camera, get the shot.. but its not always that simple. We need to take back some of the control... Thanks for posting, great to see you on my blog Chuck.

  2. I would love if you made it to Germany ;)