12 July 2014

Testing testing.... watch me edit...

WATCH ME EDIT This is a quick recording of how I edited this image of three Roses. I've gone to town with this edit to show you how Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions have been designed to add soft and subtle changes that are layered, there is no need to break into the Actions themselves, just apply as you want. 

There is no commentary to this video demo, as it would've made it too long and slow (I think I ramble on a bit too....) So to make the process easier it's just a quick run through, with notes.  


Workflow Action: Pre Processing I 
Workflow Action: ProMatt Ice
Rescue Action: Soft Light
Rescue Action: Color Fade
Creative Action: Chinawhite
Creative Action: Summer
Creative Light Fill Action: Dreamer
Rescue Actions: Rough Tint
Rescue Action: Whitelight Wand
Creative Action: La Rosa
Creative Actions: Pennylane
Finishing Action: Flatten 
Finishing Action: Flatten & Sharpen

1) First I ran the Pre Processing I Workflow Action to establish a lighter image without adding in contrast. 

2) Rescue Action, Soft Light was ran to lighten (but not brighten) the whole image and then I added ProMatt Ice to bring in even more low contrast light.  You can see I remove excess light mainly from the sky, to the top right, and to the left of the roses. 

3) Then I ran Rescue Actions Color Fade, and painted it across the greens to take out excess yellow.  At this stage I then flattened. You can go onto the Creative Actions without flattening, but I always flatten here, as good practise, after my Pre Processing Workflow is complete and make a new save. (Please note due to time I didn't make a save at this stage in the demo, but I would normally.)

4) Next I ran the first Creative Action, Chinawhite, increased up to 100% and removed from the roses and the sky. 

5) Creative Action Summer is next, reduced down to 30% and again removed from the roses and the sky. 

6) Finally, at this stage, Creative Action Light Fill Dreamer is added, reduced down to 61% and removed from the roses and slightly to the left side.

7) Rescue Actions Rouge Tint is them added to pull in a little warmth. Removed lightly from the background and then specifically removed from the middle of the Roses. I then use another Rescue Action Whitelight Wand, this is brilliant at pulling back softened highlights. At this point I think I'm finished and so I flatten again! But then I have an afterthought, which happens quite a lot in the way I processes!

8) I want to add another Creative problem I simply run LaRose, reduced it down to 21% just enough to give the overall image a further warm contrast boost.

9) Now I'm done right! I flatten with a little extra, paint-on sharpen, and I'm done.....oh but wait....

10)  I want more pink hazy, so again I run another Creative Action, this time, and for the last time, Pennylane. This Actions gives the whole image a sweet pink lift, I removed the effects again from selected areas of my image.  Done.......

Beyond the Lens Actions are just so wonderfully easy to use, layer upon layer, without horrific distortions. Just like applying professional makeup, it's all about soft layers no destructive, harsh ugly changes.  There is no right or wrong to the method I use to paint-on or off certain Actions. I do this as a personal preference and I encourage everyone to work like this, embrace your own preferences and be the creator of your own look and style. 

I'd love to know what you think? It was a bit of a trial to see if this is of value?  Do you prefer lengthy tutorial with voice over commentary (like the others I've done) or with a little music even? Is there something you'd like to learn about or get insight on? Please leave a comment. Sx 


  1. Amazing....thank you so much for sharing this process!!! I loved watching the video and then reading all the steps - a real inspiration to give it a try !!!

  2. Yes, Sarah, the transformation is beautiful. The video and written description are very helpful. Thank you so much!!

  3. Really glorious thanks, I just wanted to let you know your follow me on pinterest button doesn't open to a new page.
    ciao ciao lisa x

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