7 July 2014

Tutorial: How to disguise Band Distortions using Textures

ONE OF THE BIGGEST CHALLENGES when processing images with large areas of soft gradient blur can be blur band distortion. This occurs as an image is processed, specifically when the contrast levels, increase or decrease significantly from the original captured image.  Most of the time this isn't a big problem and any distortions can be minimised or smoothed out with a softly blur.  But there is another way to help anchor tonal gradients pixels in place and disguise the unwanted banding artefacts that appear, and that's to apply a soft Texture overlay.

So why does it work? Textures add back, into areas of high blur and gradual gradients, very fine detail. This detail allows the pixels to become stable and anchors them. It also adds a more authentic Fine Art finish and helps with creative processing. 

Watch the YouTube video, above, where I'll take you through the process using Artisans Crayon & Scroll Textures. 

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