21 July 2014

Renewing Inspiration

RENEWING INSPIRATION There is nothing fancy about my journals! They're composed mostly of small print outs stuck down with sticky tape. There are also many pages of ideas and thoughts jotted down as quickly as they flood my mind. I would be lost without these conceptual ramblings. They serve to remind me of how I think, like a blue print of who I am, creatively. When I take the time to re read the words I've scribbled down, sometimes illegible and difficult to decipher, I find myself re inspired. Yes, inspired by myself! Inspired again by fleeting ideas, shadows of previous thoughts, images of projects remixed. Sometimes I put random images together, like casting spells, a different combination for a different need. I enjoy printing sets of cards and I feel compelled to collect and remix previous works and ideas, giving them new incarnated meaning. 

I've never considered that my photographs are created in isolation of each other. Each new piece simply joins the collective work. In some cases a new piece of work will fit perfectly with another, or a series of works, even though there may be several years between them. This is a phenomenon I'm fascinated by because I have no idea what I will create tomorrow and how that will re-balance and re-inspire the work I've already created. 

"The inspirational path of the creative process, is as unique as the identity of it's owner". 


  1. Sometimes, when I'm uninspired I do the same and every time I'm surprised how much ideas I had and never realised. Journals are little treasuries.

  2. Wow! Magic words, tender photos, great inspiration for all your readers!