1 July 2014

Happy Retirement from Blenheim Palace Flower Show

JUST TOO BEAUTIFUL TO PASS BY... I often have to leave my big Nikon D800 at home because of its sheer weight. If it's a photography shoot then fine, but if I'm out with the family it's a no go! I visited the Blenheim Flower show a week or so back, and fell in love with this rose. I wasn't going to let it go un snapped, so I quickly took out my little Samsung NX1000. It's a super little mirror less compact camera that I sling in my handbag! It's my alternative camera that travels most places my bigger Nikon just can't go.  At 20 mega pixels this little camera can produce stunning image quality and you can still shoot in manual and RAW. Lowest aperture is f3.5, but with a bit of cleaver composing I can get around that. 

Processed with Beyond the Lens Actions: I get a lot of use processing with Creative Actions, Chinawhite when there is a lot of green and yellows to my initial image. This Action helps reduce them and brings in a chalky, softer tone, I really like to work with. Rescue Action, Rouge Tint (applied to the roses only) helped me bring back that gorgeous pink. Also, Vintage Tint, another Rescue Action, helped tone out any unwanted 'black to blue' toning, that can build up when you use Creative Actions.