5 July 2014

A Full Melody

LIFES FULL MELODY I'm definitely a bit of a dreamer! Life often seems too 'real' for me. It's as if, on certain days, someones turned off the music! I'm not sure there is another way to describe it, other than to say it's like, life without a melody. 

My camera, is a bit like this, it can only capture what is actually in my view finder. It strips everything else out! All the emotion, the ambience, all the other 'information' that I feel and sense. It records the facts, but in a sterile way, that sits outside of the context of the life experience I'm in when I take the image.  

We all have five amazing senses to navigate us through life. Plus we benefit from our emotional responses. And, if you're lucky perhaps, a sixth sense, the one of intuition and spiritual guidance. In contrast to how we experience the world we live in, cameras alone do a pretty poor job.

So how do we compensate? 

We learn to 'observe'. Not just what we see, but everything else too, including the observation of what lies within the remit of our own unique imaginations. We become the creative resource that drives the results we seek. So that, when we take an image forward to processing, we have the full story.  The bigger picture, if you like.

I work at bringing back, to the captured image, some of what my camera is incapably of recording. My job is to be the storyteller of my own experiences and imagination. To produce work that does more then 'tell-it-how-it-was' to convey the same overall sensory and emotional qualities, from the perspective of who I capture Life with a full melody.