18 June 2014

Newsletter {because the way I connect with you is important}

WITH ALL THE BEST INTENTIONS The recent 'thank you' giveaway was a bit of a disaster! Yes..it was!  Although thousands and thousands of you successfully downloaded my most recent free giveaway, (and, yes, okay  that is pretty successful!) But I know there were may of you left frustrated, confused and annoyed because I seriously underestimated how many of you would try and download it at the same time!  

Up until now I've used small business solutions, and I can clearly see from this exercise, that I now need to grow my resources and delivery capabilities. Service is important to me and I know there are still many of you that haven't received or been able to access the download properly because of traffic volume. 

I've taken a lot of learning form this week and have taken the decision to start a BRAND NEW mailing list for those of you who actually want to hear from me.  A Newsletter where I will bring you exclusive insight into working smart, getting better results and having more creative freedom as well as the regular information on offers, product news, discounts etc.  This way I can connect with a smaller dedicated number of valued followers, thats you hopefully, and get you the information you want directly to your inbox,  and what's more you'll get it first!  

So, if you're interested please sign up here, so together we can work smarter, get better results and enjoy more creative freedom. thank you. Sx

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