11 June 2014


ABOVE: Original (Pre Processed with (Pre Processing I) from the Beyond the Lens full collection. BELOW: Creative Actions from FREE Mini Set are Snowball 50%, Winegum 100%, Elderberry 25%, Peach Punch 50% & Cherrypot 30%.

DON'T LET YOUR CREATIVITY STOP AT IMAGE CAPTURE. BE THE STYLIST OF YOUR OWN CREATIVE VISION TO THE END. It was back in March 2013 that I first launched my Beyond the Lens Photoshop Action Collection. I would have never believed the success this decision brought, and I'm not taking about my success... I'm taking about the level of success these Actions have offer photographer, probably like you, in their everyday processing and being about to take their professional output to the next level.  Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions offer professional processing that can be built upon from initial pre processing through to creative renderings.  I'm humbled every I receive an email with words of thanks and appreciation. From different corners of the globe their are photographers using my Actions to 'get the look', or find greater creativity or simply to find consistency and processing reliability.  

I designed and programmed Beyond the Lens Actions from the processing insights I share in my book (Art beyond the Lens, Working with Digital Textures published by Focal Press 2011) that where  the cornerstone to my everyday processing.  The key to my Actions, and processing style, is that I break out the pre processing steps from the creative ones. This means you can simply processes to a picture perfect standard, or continue to add and develop a signature look.  There are even two specific Pre Processing Actions designed for those of you that wish to work with Textures. Getting the softer tones, striking brightness or shades of pastel tones come from these secondary Creative Actions. Creative Actions are like layers of paint, they can be built up in different combinations to create that 'look'. 

A BIG THANK YOU GOES A LONG WAY I'm always looking at ways to improve and share new ideas. So in celebration of my Facebook business page reaching a staggering 100k Likes I'm thrilled to offer SIX NEW CREATIVE ACTIONS. These have been designed to bridge some of the gaps in the current collection, and offer ON TREND processing options. Or if you don't currently have the full collection you can still enjoy these Photoshop Actions as a stand alone mini set. (However please note that these are Creative Actions only and don't offer any of the pre processing functionality that the full Beyond the Lens Actions does). 



ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Snowball 50% | Sweetie 50% | Winegum 50% | Peach Punch 50% | Cherrypot 50% | Elderberry 50% (All Creative Actions play out to 50%, this can be increased or decreased as desired)

TRENDS IN PROCESSING From soft and tonal to bright and fresh. All good processing starts with good capture and initial pre processing*. But after that you become the storyteller and the way you choose to process your work from here on in is all about the story. Tell it in shades of softness, hazy and faded hues, or sing aloud with buzzing bright colors.  The most important thing to remember is that the way you process can say as much about the image as the subject matter so work with your initial intention and stay true to your own vision. However, that said we all like to think ahead and enjoy the latest trends, so I predict for photography especially, it's going to get darker, but in a very tonal, washed out way, with richer dusty hues, think old English estates and the pages of wartime romance novels.  

*Recommend Pro Processing Actions from Beyond the Lens full collection ProTEC I & II

SO STEP INTO THE DARKNESS I'm truly loving the way floral and product photography is starting to become deeper, moodier, romantic and perhaps even a little darker. This opulent look can be now be created using super rich Actions such as the NEW Elderberry, Winegum and Cherrypot. These new additions to the Creative Actions are richer than my previous Actions, and bridge the gap in creating that richer opulence look to an image without going too dark or under exposed. However for to get that fully on trend look fade them out with Snowball, or by using the tonal Actions from the full collection such as Melody, London or even Nottingham.  



ABOVE: Original (Pre Processed with Pre Processing I from the Beyond the Lens full collection. DIRECTLY ABOVE: Creative Actions from FREE Mini Set are Snowball 80%, Elderberry 70%, Cherrypot 50% & Peach Punch 20%. BELOW: Creative Actions from FREE Mini Set are Elderberry 100% & Peach Punch 60%. 


TOP TIP: If you're not a big fan of the richer blues and purple tones these can be simply removed by running the RESCUE ACTION: Vintage Tint from the full collection.

BUILD UP LAYER BY LAYER Soft tonal changes are the key to building the 'look'. The PLAY ALL ACTIONS option (only available for CS3-6 or CC) allows you to play all six of the NEW Actions in one step. Simply open the played out group of Actions and toggle the individual Actions on and off creating the exact 'look'.  Remember you can adjust the opacity of each Action up or down to suit as well as mask off specific areas. 


ABOVE FROM LEFT TO RIGHT: Snowball 50% | Sweetie 50% | Winegum 50% | Peach Punch 50% | Cherrypot 50% | Elderberry 50% (All Creative Actions play out to 50%, this can be increased or decreased as desired). 

BELOW: Original (Pre Processed with (Pre Processing I) from the Beyond the Lens full collection. 


Summers Hues

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    Thank you so much. Absolutely darling actions!

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