1 May 2014

Keeping it simple


THE SOFT & THE WORN Peony's are just so delicate, as are the Clematis, both with there soft and slightly matt petals. When styling I look for harmonious counterparts, elements that go together and compliment each other without over doing it. Here I wanted to incorporate the slightly scratched surface of the styling board, the cracked glaze of the vintage washbowl, and the lightly weathered wooden board. It makes sense to me to have styling elements that support each other, that don't steel the show. It would have been easy to give these magnificent flowers all of the spot light. But for me their real beauty lies somewhere in the middle, like in a daydream caught between moments. Under doing it, is sometimes all it needs. Like the saying "less is more..." Paired down elegance that doesn't try to hard, actually reveals real beauty.  


  1. So Beautiful Sarah. Love these colours

  2. Beautiful, beautiful thoughts and images! I haven't commented lately but I have been coming and looking - your images are so uplifting - so soothing! Probably, your thoughts of a gentle, zen approach have something to do with it. ;) :) x