12 April 2014

Remains of the day...


REMAINS OF THE DAY After a busy workshop there are stems of odd flowers scattered everywhere, their purpose served, some have been out of water too long and have already began to fade, others are starting to open a little more. I gather ed them up and took the best ones home, where their beautiful display continues to fill my kitchen table. They now serve as a wonderful reminded of a successful workshop.  I couldn't resist get my own camera out the following day to capture some shots for myself. Working to the same principles that I teach by.... I'm reminded just how much I love my job and the pleasure I get in sharing with others how I work and create the floral images that simply fill me with joy. 

Have a wonderful Easter week and please take a moment to stop and think about the renewal Spring brings, the renewal life brings, and how much we all have to be thankful for. Sx