17 April 2014

Out of the Light


OUT OF THE LIGHT There is something amazingly beautiful about the distorted blurs and weird fragmented shapes that occur when shooting wide open with very low apertures. It appears as if there is a part of our everyday world that goes completely unseen. It fascinates me that blur, however beautiful is, in fact, something very unnatural. Unless we squint into the sun or watching the sunshine flicker off the waves, beautiful blur remains illusive. (I have been warned I may one day in older age rethink this statement!) Our human eyes generally refocus, quite literally at the blink of an eye, from the foreground, background and distant horizon. We rarely catch sight of the pretty effects our cameras capture with ease. I find these shapes and irregular patterns fascinating, like natures own hidden textures. They remind me that photography is nothing without, light, dimension and form. When working with an extremely shallow range of focus, the dimensional space adjacent to the centre starts to warp into a different type of existence. It starts to take on a new quality as it twists and dances with its surrounding light.  With or without colour the effects again change, heightening a sense of emotional connection. A connection we are collectively drawn to, offering us sanctuary and allowing us, just for a moment, to retreat to our inner peace.   Sx