3 March 2014

The Promise of Spring


A HAWTHORNS PROMISE The cold wind blows, the icy air freezes, but here in England, the hedgerows are slowly turning white.   The Hawthorn is one of the first tree blossoms to burst forth in what still feels like the depths of winters grip.  This historic wayside hedging tree transforms the drab and dirty roadsides. Spiky branches reach upwards lined with thousands of small penny sized single blooms.  The ethereal flurry of white lasts only a few weeks, to be suddenly replaced by the acid green of young leaves, however short lived their magnificence a promise is made.  A promise that Spring really is just around the corner.....x


  1. I smiled this morning when I read this. Years ago we owned a farm north of Toronto and it was dotted with Hawthorn. Here they are a nuisance tree, especially for the farmer who has to remove them, but come spring, as a friend said to me, it's as if the beautiful blossoms are their apology for simply being. Glorious harbingers of spring. Thanks for the memory Sarah.

  2. I have to say that I love living in Canada, but I do miss an early Spring. We still have a thick blanket of snow around us here, and it is even snowing a little today. Thank you for sharing this beautiful image; a reminder that Spring is indeed on its way.

  3. so delicate,i love it!