17 March 2014

Hauntingly Beautiful


HAUNTINGLY BEAUTIFUL I get inspired by all types of things, but mainly by the way something makes me feel, not necessarily its beauty!  When I photograph flowers its a very relaxing process, like listening to music, but when I see and observe the world around me, that's when I get inspired! I feel the uplifting need to take creative action.   I love the way nature shows us, through the seasons, the full circle of life. Every flower gives way to its seed, and every seed lies dormant waiting for the warmth of Spring. These grasslands, near where I live, are transformed by the morning mist, by Spring they will be consumed by the rapid growth of all the wild flowers and plants that'll grow in abundance. They'll bloom, seed and die again all in the short space of a couple of seasons. The constant balance between life and renewal...I find that very inspiring.


  1. These photographs inspire me, as well! It is stunning how nature can be beautiful in so many ways! No wonder this was the Romantics' source of inspiration, it's much to astonishing and profound not to lead you to different feelings.

  2. I love love love foggy type pictures. The eerieness of them is incredibly beautiful! Its amazing how something such as fog can make something so spooky and yet make something so beautiful!