7 March 2014

First Impressions


FIRST IMPRESSIONS March's issue of Gardens Illustrated features the beautiful plaster creations of artist Rachel Dein. I was instantly drawn to her plaster case tiles of wild meadow flowers and leaves simply because of the tonal and textural qualities. The softness of the textures she creates through her process is just devine.  So I through I would have a go, sadly my attempts to create a simpler look are completely digital and I do admit they lack the tactile chalky quality of the real thing. But nevertheless I was please with the finished effect. 

My grandmother always pressed flowers and I was never keen on the faded mute colours and squashed finished (I think that was meant to be the appeal). So the idea of taking a digital image and embossing it and playing with both texturing before and after has created some interesting effects. I thought they were worth sharing.  Find out more about the very real and beautiful work from Rachel at her website