18 March 2014

AN ARTISTS WORKSHOP {2014 Workshops with Sarah Gardner}


AN ARTISTS WORKSHOP From April I'll be working from Westbury Arts Centre in Milton Keynes. I'll be running four  small workshops as well as offering 121 opportunities for Creative Coaching.  This year the workshops will be limited to just five delegates per workshop. My workshops are very much about offering hands on experience in a practical working environment and Westbury is the perfect location, surrounded by fellow artists, to get creative and learn to master beautiful Still Life floral photography.   

My workshops go beyond the conventional format of a photography workshop and explore creative and style development.  Behind all the technical knowledge is an individual, you, and through mindfully coaching and the concept of setting intention I'll offer you a route towards developing your own creative style.  We are all unique and the way we see, and capture our world, through photography, is simply an interpretation of our personal choices. These choices define us and shape our work, so getting them right is important.  In today's market being able to identify with your own style and build a coherent portfolio is the key to success.  My group workshops are designed to put you in the driving seat of your own creativity and provide a format for exploring how to work with natural light, floral still life arrangements and material elements.  In addition to workshops I'm also now offering 121 Creative Coaching half or full days. These sessions are a wondeful way to directly  address developmental areas, gain additional shooting experience and /or processing tuition. Please complete the Contact Form on my website to make an enquiry. 

Please note: there is an extensive waiting list for my workshops and whilst I'm doing everything I can to make registration as fair as possible, spaces are allocated on a first come bases with full payment.  

Full day from 10am to 4.30pm:  £185 
Limited spaces available 3rd April . 10th April .  12th June . 19th June 2014 

For more information on 121 Creative Coaching and to contact me regarding booking a Workshop space please visit my new website: 



  1. I want to come! I'm reading your book that arrived today as there are very few photography artists to whom inspire me. Your on the top of my list of people I admire in this field.

    Warm regards,

  2. Workshops like this are simply irresistible. Being a sponge and absorbing as much as one can is a must with these activities since creativity knows no bounds. It'd be a shame not to share this event of yours across states right? Ever thought of promoting it via internet or social media sites?

    Joshua Roberson

  3. Sara HazeldineMarch 30, 2014

    No more spaces?

  4. If only I lived in England... sigh