4 February 2014

Tuesday Tulips


TUESDAYS TULIPS Today was a warm and beautiful winters day. I was inspired to pop into the towns flowershop and I'm so pleased I did!  There to greet me was the most amazing tulips. 

As they sat in their water bucket on my kitchen table the sun warmed the room. Within just a few minutes they started to unfold and reveal their beautiful centres. It made me think about how we too are more radiant and beautiful when we are open, open to ourselves, bathed in the light of our own amazing grace. How beautiful we are when we let go of being anything other than the amazing beings we are...and just like flowers, everything around us then seems better, brighter and happier. A life lesson from a Tulip...aren't they magnificent?

PROCESSING: ProTEC ICE 70% | Colour Pop 15% | Blossom 40% & Skyfall 100% then Melody at 50% to soften. 


  1. I've never seen tulips as beautiful as these!!

  2. These tulips are like roses! Beautiful!

  3. A delight to see this time of year!

  4. Happy spring!!!!! Beatiful