28 February 2014

The Balanced & the Beautiful

Black & White

FIND THE FORM Photography is an impossibility without light, but it is also an impossibility without the dark! Sound familiar? Like Yin and Yang and the universes balancing cause and effect! There is so much about photography, or should I say art, that can be used as illustrate the deeper spiritual reflections of life. Art, of any practise is nothing without the input of the one, the creator, the creative, the artist! It's fascinating and probably more accepted in painters, sculptors, musicians, poets and even dancers to openly discuss personal, even spiritual, reflection in their craft. 

So I ask is photography the last undiscovered territory of the creative mind?  I think there is a general conception that because technology is involved it somehow dilutes our skill!  That because everyone can 'take a photograph' it's common place!  Well, yes it is, but then so is dancing! Right?  And I'm sure most of you have given dancing a go, at least once!  The thing is it's not skill alone, nor the individual, it's the marriage between the two; the balance that unlocks the key to creativity.   The form our work takes and its defining characteristics are personal, they are a reflection, however big or small of you. The craft cannot exist without the craftsman, as the artist cannot exist without the work.  

How you choose to work as a photographer with light, form, composition, focus, colour, depth, subject, and even the moment itself, and can only exist, because of you. Here is the balance, now you find the form.  

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