13 February 2014

Pretty Prefect

Peony Yin & Yang

JUST BECAUSE I never tire of photographing these beautiful Ranuncluas, although today I tried something a little different and photographed them on black, as well as my printed Beachwood boards. I really like the finish created my using my Beyond the Lens Photoshop* Actions. To create a soft hazy look,that softens the black, I used the hazy Actions. There are several Actions within the Creative Set that will do this. London & Melody, Nottingham and Parisian. Also Soft Light will bring a slight milky hazy to an image. What I found interesting was that whilst the choice of background was different for me the finish  swayed back to my love of soft tonal harmonies. Have fun and go play. Sx


1 comment:

  1. I love the contrast in the black and white image. So very dynamic!