23 January 2014



PEONY AND SAGE When Kimberley Bell, fabric designer from Peony & Sage, contact me regarding shooting some of her latest designs I couldn't have been more thrilled. Her designs embrace everything I adore about whimsical country style. Her palette reminds me of vintage french interiors. Just before Christmas I shot new fabric, Stag All Star for her Jack and Jill children's collection. This week I've just finished shooting a selection of soft florals, Millie in Powder Pinks, in combination with Kimberley's quintessential dog print, Jack All Star and Jack's Gone Dotty.

The Photography Bit......
Shot in natural light, using my 50mm 1.4f lens then processed with my Beyond the Lens Actions. I started with Pre Processing, to help open out the shadows and then follow brightening with ProTECII. Rescue Action Soft Light then enables me to add in additional 'light' without becoming too overly contrasting, if needed. Finally I used a dash of Creative Action Sway or Rescue Action Rouge Tint to warm up the colour balance.

Photoshop Actions: Beyond the Camera Actions  
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