21 December 2013



FINAL THOUGHT OF THE YEAR I have seen a significant change to how I approach my work this year. It's a change that may not be obvious to my audience. It's come about through my own exploration of what it means to be creative. I kept asking myself the same question "as a creative person what is it I need to do more of, or less of, to cultivate success?" But this question raised more questions. Like, "what do I actually mean by success?" And, "what does success look like to me?" It was by asking these questions that my perceptions started to redefine themselves. I spent a good few months back at the start of the year really thinking about these questions. Finally I was guided to a very real and humble answer. To be creative, to be successful, in my option, is to contribute true value. To offer, without expectation or judgement, my ideas, my vision, my voice, myself through my creative pursuits. 

So what do I mean by this. When we experience something creative, we are affected by it, we may identify with it, connect with it, love it or feel indifferent to it. We may feel spiritually uplifted or inspired to take action. Whatever our experience is, positive or negative, it remains an experience. If it's a good one (and I hope it is) it has true value. We may find that our energy is lifted too, our own creative thinking heightened and our desire to manifest work deepens. Through positive experiences of creativity we are connected to ourselves and each other. Here we flourish and what's more, we're more likely to take action ourselves. This connection is success and holds true value, however it cannot be achieved without contribution. 

Through creativity we connect to ourselves, and by sharing and contributing our own ideas and creative insights, we connect with others. I think this is pretty amazing.... 

So, how has this changed my working attitude. I'm now free from my own expectations. I now work in order to contribute, to share and perhaps inspire the creative journey of those who stop by and take an interest. This change in how I view my creative practise has made my work feel joyous and effortless again. So whatever you're planning to add to your New Years resolutions, add creative contribution. The creative world would be nothing without it! Happy 2014 Sx