7 November 2013

Rhubarb & Roses

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RHUBARB AND ROSES Last week I had the pleasure of working with Kate and Marisela who own Rhubarb and Roses, a contemporary home and floristry store, in the beautifully quintessential village of Winslow. 

Marisela, who has previously styled for the The White Company, arranged each of the product set ups. I was then able to photograph each one in such a way to achieve the key look Marisela was after. I shot all the images using my Nikon D800 with a 50mm 1.4f lens. Nature, directional, day light and my reflector was our primary lighting source. I also shot between 1.8f and 2.8f in order to obtain the 'softer' look the clients were after. 

It was a wonderful opportunity to work with a professional stylist and be able to offer my insights and skills as a photographer. Perhaps one of the most remarkable difference between visual merchandise styling and photographic styling is the use of space. The illusion of space and scale, when photographing Still Life set ups, can easily look unbalanced and over done through the lens. The eye and the lens portray the ratios of space between objects quite differently. So I was mindful not to over use 'empty' space. It was a great day and we worked right though to the fading light of dusk. To find out more visit Rhubarb and Roses here.

All images processed with Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions

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