BEACH WOOD {Textured Papers}



Use as standalone textures or print and create sensational styling boards. These new textured digital papers are so versatile they make creative styling a delight, however you wish to work.   

I'm so delighted to be able to finally release these beautiful NEW Textured Papers. This summer I became so inspired by the peeling paint, rust stained woods and weather beaten boards of the Great British beach hut. I knew I had to find a way to work with these surfaces in my photography, but taking them home with me certainly wasn't an option. I wanted to used these rustic surface qualities and realised that by photographing them I could have them printed into large hard backed prints. By doing this they make fantastic Styling Boards for my still life setups. But whast more I can also use them as convertional Textures. Together, both methods, take my photographic styling to a more professional edge.

1) A cheats way to great backgrounds

Use these digital papers as conversional Texture overlays. Shoot with a plain neutral background, then in Photoshop select a BEACHWOOD textured paper, give it a little blur and then blend it with your background. This is a quick and highly effective way of altering plain backgrounds. {see the examples below & demo}.


TOP:  1) SOOC, 2) Barbican, Melody & Journey with Rosedelight.  3) Barbican & London BOTTOM: 1) SOOC, 2) Barbican & Melody.  

Watch a short and simply demo showing just how easy it is to insert these textured papers as a background in Photoshop. 

2) Print them, and create your own Styling Boards

You only have to take a look at the current trends in Still Life, Floral and Food photography and you'll see just how Styling Boards play an important role in creating the right look. I've had four of my favourite BEACHWOOD Textured Papers printed up into large 40cm x 60cm Styling Boards {see examples below}. Most printing labs offer either hardboard or foamboard poster sized prints at realisable prices. At this size they are portible and fun to work with giving me an instant professional look to my styling.


TOP: Processed with Beyond the Lens Actions. Textures: SPECKLED EGG from Beyond the Lens Texture and WAXWORN from Waxworks Texture Collections.