22 October 2013

Creative {Aspirations}


CREATIVE ASPIRATIONS This autumn I set myself the personal challenge of running two workshops. Both workshops proved to be hugely successful and I know there are many of you who are eagerly awaiting the release of 2014 workshop dates (more on these in the new year). Not only has it been a wonderful opportunity to meet twenty two amazing photographers, it's also confirmed a suspicion I've had about myself for a while! 

I recently read a quote from Albert Einstein, "imagination is more important than knowledge". When I read this, I actually applauded! Why, because I've always had this theory, if it's technical knowledge that's needed then go find it. Re skill if necessary and then when its banked, with the grey matter, walk away. On the other hand creative pursuit, practise, dedication, understanding and exploration is a work in progress. A constant balance of inspiration, intention and action. It requires movement, from ideas to the manifested. And it's here, from this outlook I now know I want to teach. To make other think about their own work in degrees of creative exploration, rather than just technical ability. (I said it was a theory, but I'm going to be brave now and state it for the record: "it's actually a truth and the whole world is waking up to it".) 

We all 'want' to be more creative. We want to 'do' more creative things, but it's the 'being' creative we strive for the most, yet they go hand-in-hand. To 'be' more creative is to 'do' more creative things. So my joy was immense when I worked, and watched, twenty two amazing photographers get 'stuck' into the process. They challenged themselves with styling problems and frustrations, explored different approaches, tried new ways of working. Set themselves an intention and allowed narrative to manifest itself through their work. For some it was easier than others, and having a whole day to explore this was rewarding for us all.

We must all remember to give ourselves the time as Creatives to be creative by doing creative things. So go and try something different, work through a problem, face a challenge... and you'll be amazed at the growth you'll see in yourself. 

"You can't be creative without the work, and the work cannot create itself without you". Sx