27 September 2013

An Inspired Workshop {preview}


FIRST TIME It has to be said that I utterly loved running my first workshop last week at the beautiful Tofte Manor.  Not only was it a big 'creative' success but it gave me the opportunity to face one of my biggest personal challenges. You see, I've never been the kind to sit at the front of the class, or raised my hand to ask a question, I've always settled for  observing quietly!  I ever really been the kind to really use my voice either, even when I had something worth saying. So running a workshop was a really big deal for me, but it was a challenge I wasn't just ready to take, but one I wanted to take.  After writing a book, almost two years ago, I knew running in-person Workshops would be my next big endeavour. I knew that if I was serious about sharing my insights and skills I would one day have to stand at the front of the class and be heard.  You know what they say (on Pinterest anyway) "if your dreams don't scare you, they're not big enough". Well, let's just say Im very proud of myself and I loved every minute of it! So much so the day raced away with itself. I was even reluctant to let my delegates go at the end of the day as I could have continued sharing and chatting into the evening!  I have always been passionate about art and  photography and the fact that I can share, either through the Internet or in-person, is one of the wonderful signs-of-our-times. We are the 'creative generation' and our 'new ideas' are now 'new possibilities'...I just love that!  

This is just a preview post, as the main post will follow after the second in my two {an inspired workshops} has taken place. It was an amazing privilege to met and spend the day with such a wonderful group of like minded photographers and the work produced is utterly beautiful. I'm just so thrilled that everyone had a great time, and even though it rained a little, together we got some sensational results.