30 August 2013

Mist & Beach Hut Textures


AS THE MIST ROLLS IN The summer break is almost over, the children go back to school on Monday and the manic cycle of school, homework, clubs, mealtimes, bedtimes, early mornings and such will once again ensue. I have to confess, although I yearn for those peaceful six hours when they are at school, I know I will miss their noise, mess and chaos! The summer never seems quite long enough! We had a lot of fun this summer and once again travelled down to Hampshire to spend a tranquil week in the New Forest's national conservation park. On our arrival we unpacked at our cottage and then jumped back in the car and drove down into Milford-on-Sea to get some fresh (proper fish & chip shop) chips! As we drove closer the sun disappeared and a low ground cloud rolled in off the sea, it was very earie! Suddenly, out of nowhere, we were surrounded by this heavy wet sea mist. It was like driving out of summer and into a misty damp winters day...very surreal! By the time we reached the sea front it was already starting to lift! 

The beach huts where amazing and I couldn't leave without snapping a few of their weather beaten, rust stained painted wood. (It always makes me chuckle to myself just how excited I get over beach huts!)