21 June 2013


TO OBSERVE "To observe is to notice or perceive something and register it as being significant."

We 'see' but we do not observe. We stand in this world but do not pay attention. We miss so much, because we 'see' so little. As a photographer 'seeing' is so important, but it's not done entirely with our eyes! To truly observe we have to understand the importance of what we're looking at. There are signs everywhere reminding us of how magnificent, courageous and amazing we are, but how many times to we actually notice?  It's just an idea. 

I have been having this reoccurring idea that whilst many of us, myself included, are fascinated with those that survive 'near death experiances', most of us live in a state of 'near life'. We miss so much, we focus on the wrong things and filter out all meaning. I ask myself what is left for us when we do that?

Enjoy the long weekend of daylight and embrace the amazing, however small or great. See the amazing, and if you're a photographer, grab your camera and capture the amazing too. Sx