12 June 2013

Finding Balance


BALANCE FOUND Finding true balance has become very important to me over the past few weeks. After returning home, from a weeks break, I realised just how out of balance my day-to-day life had become. Without realising it I had overloaded myself. Filling my days with to-do lists. Fearful not to miss an opportunity I was taking on one project after another. But to what end? 

Because, there is no real end when you live like this! Life becomes self perpetuating, where future events and achievements drive my every moment. I was distracted from the present, frustrated through my own imposed goals. Yet most of all I was suffering because I was missing my actual life! 

Seriously how do we slow down our lives enough to notice and appreciate what is happening right now? How do we gain gratitude for only the moment we live in?

These are some of my biggest questions. I have read and discussed this topic in great detail and then, through a guided meditation, I realised that I already have access to one of the most amazing tools to assist. My camera! 

Through my lens I watch, where the moment is key, the light is perfectly balanced. I notice and pay attention to what is going on around me more so when I'm photographing than at any other time. I'm in the moment, present and awake. This amazing therapy has been in front of me all the time, clouded by all the other attributes it takes to run a business. But like my yoga, my photography is a practise also and it's one I'm returning too. Sarah x 

PROCESSING: Softly processed with my Beyond the Lens Actions using Brompton & Barkley Rd. These two Actions create a soft cooler tone. You can also add in Creative Action: North Light if you want a stronger contrast pop. Monotone image processed with 35mm Film, Parisian, Chinawhite and Vintage tone, adjusting to compliment coloured images. NOTE: If you want to take the contrast right down try using Melody.