19 May 2013

This is {HONESTY}

MY HONESTY This wild flower has self seeded all over my garden, from where I'm a little unsure. Probably from one of those free mix seed packets I through into the back border last summer! At first they looked like unwanted weeds as they rapidly grew before my eyes. They bolted up overnight and then burst forth into tall stems of tiny purple and, more beautiful, white flowers. 

This little bloom is abundant, vigorous and beautiful and has got me thinking (as you probably know from previous posts I'm doing a lot of that right now) as to the irony of this chance germination. As I have made the decision to down tools in order to force myself to slow down, live in the moment and recognise my achievements and only to work from a standpoint of total self indulgence rather than for any outside gain.....look what comes to grow in my garden...this is Honesty!


Have a wonderful day and please take a moment to be in the moment wherever you are. Love Sarah x