14 May 2013

Being Away {The start of a different kind of Journey}


BEING AWAY I have just returned from a week away to the tiny Spanish island of Ibiza. It was the first time aboard from my children and they loved everything about it. From the aeroplane, the warm early May sun, the clear sea, the cove beaches, the food, and everything in between. This trip was intended as nothing more than a well needed family get away, something for us all to look forward to. 

I refused to take my big 'grown up' camera! Instead I packed light and opted form my little Samsung NX1000. I wanted a break from work, from Facebook, emails and the Internet. I wanted only to communicate with the five people I traveled with, my husband, my children and my parents. Bliss...yes it was! It was just the pause I needed to still my mind, and when I finally did I was quite amazed at what I observed. 

I consider myself to be a relaxed person (anyone who knows me will probably laugh at this statement). Because in reality (obviously not my own) I'm really anything but relaxed! The first few days of the holiday, I found I was actually having difficulties just chilling out with everyone. I couldn't even relax enough to read my book. I'm know I'm not great at stopping, I feel that I'm wasting time. I feel compelled to make the most out of every thought, to try and realise everything that goes through my head. My mind rants on and on, one idea after another. Crashing thoughts like waves on the shore! One over lapping another of inspirational ideas, to-do lists and planned projects. (And I find myself thinking the only other thing that crashes to shore are shipwrecks!) I NEED calmer waters, where I can reflect. They say you can't reflect in running water and it so true! 

As the holiday went on I started writing my thoughts down. I thought about how I could address this desire to slow down and be okay with it. I also thought about how I could use my work, as a photographer, to help me. And, finally I wrote down the things about myself I started to observe.

For now let's just say I have started an altogether different kind of journey and I have no idea as to it's destination.



PHOTOGRAPHY NOTES I took many, rather dreadful, family snaps, and a small handful of images to just remind me of this special holiday. I was really careful to never detract my attention away from what was going on around me for no more than a few minutes at a time to snap some inspirational images of what was close by. I would have loved to explore the island, venture into every cove and wonder peacefully through the islands village dwellings. But this was a family holiday and my attention was on it being just that..... 

Processed with Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions, North Light and a touch of Nottingham & Sway.