29 April 2013

Spring Refocused

SPRING REFLECTION I find myself gathering my thoughts more so at this time of year. Clearing out the old to make way for the new. I work in the garden to prepare beds and boarders for vegetables and sown flower seeds and beans. As I work I clear through my thinking too, assess the importance of the direction my work and think of new projects to work on over the summer. 

Spring refocused

I've also been clearing through my old photographic files, and I've been amazed at the huge shift in my work over the past few years. I stumbled upon a 'back-up' folder full of my first textured attempts. I was quite horrified at how dreadful they were and initially felt ashamed. Then I got to thinking and I realised that my very first creative stumblings were just that! A way of finding my creative feet, a necessity for any journey. I'm actually kind of grateful that I came across this file as it made me realise just how far I've come and how I've continued to evolve my style. I feel that I'm now beginning to really discover 'me' beyond the layers of learning. I've spent, and invested, so much time in 'learning' I'm finally ready to set sail, take a bigger leap of faith and wonder again into the unknown.