26 April 2013

April Blossom

April Blossom02
April Blossom01

APRIL BLOSSOM To work without regard for any outcome, other than true self expression, is to have complete creative freedom. Enjoy Sx 

I love everything their is to love about trees in bloom! I think it's the view point of being underneath them looking up towards the beautiful dappled light of the sky. I just adore the way they sway and dance in the breeze and even when their blossom starts to fade it rains down like pink snowflakes. They may only last a week or so but trees in bloom are just heaven. 

As a child my grandparents lived on an avenue of cheery trees and in spring the blossom would create the most magnificent display. The street was narrow and the decision was made to widen the road surface to cater for the growing number of cars and the main bus route. The council cut down nearly all the trees in the avenue in order to make way for a wider road. As a child I was really sadened by this heartless distruction of beauty just for the sake of being able to provide car parking! But do you know what? Out of the 30 to 40 trees that lined that road, a few were left untouched! They were the ones outside my grandparents home. A true blessing, I thought so anyway. 

Processing tip: I've proceesed these images to enhance the pale colour and hues that already existed. I wanted to pull through the cool light from the overcast day and contrast that against the pretty delicate pinks. When I designed my {Beyond the Lens Photoshop Actions} I wanted to have the tools to be able to specifically enhance hue and tonal gradients. To create this look I Pre Proceesed with ProTecII and then I ran Creative Actions: Barbican, Sway and North Light (in that order) and tweeked their opactity to achive the tones I was after. Hope that helps. Sx