25 January 2013

Scratching the Surface..

Beyond the Camera Magazine launched just a week ago today. The magazine is no longer just an idea, it's now a reality and more importantly an opportunity for me to showcase some of the amazingly talented photographers I have looked towards for inspiration.  My vision for the magazine was clear, I wanted to give back 'inspiration' to other photographers to embrace, share and be uplifted and motivated by. Being inspired into action is like being given clean vitalising air to breath. It fills you with an uplifting sense of well-being and passion. If I hadn't been inspired by digital pphotography and textures I simply wowouldn't be where I am today. Striving to create the quality, and visual appeal, I sought for in my work wasn't easy! If fact at times the frustrations seemed to much to bare. But at those times, I would digress onto the Internet, search for inspiration and would once again feel driven and motivated to continue.   

The magazines success in its first week has been amazing. The wonderful comments, feedback and readership levels have given me back the tremendous satisfaction in knowing 'I got it right'!  I've done my contributors proud, given value to my readers, raised the bar, and intrigued over 40'000 individuals to take a peek. 

If you haven't taken a look yet, or downloaded a copy, use this link below. 


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