28 November 2012






I really needed to get outside, away from the hum of my computer, the stuffiness of the heating and away from the inevitability of being seated! I wanted to feel the soft cold ground underfoot and breathe in the cool clean air. I wanted to give my mind an hours break in which to think of nothing more than the very moment in which I walked. As a creative individual my mind always seems ahead of me, in pursuit of the next project. Conjuring up visions of ideas, outcomes, processes and methods. One step leads to another and onwardly my mind races ahead to the next possibility. It can be exhausting and overwhelming, and unfortunately it can leave me feeling very unsatisfied and disconnected from my successes. Its so important that I make time to just 'be' and accept where I am and have gratitude for all that I've achieved before racing forwards with the next project.  Finding balance, helps me stay grounded, it helps me slow down and gives me the permission I need to stop, take a look around me, and gain renewed strength. This morning was perfect for just such a 'balancing' walk. My father and I walked from his house out down to the canals edge, the light was muted and the air hug with damp. It was cold and wet underfoot and together we took our cameras stopping every few steps to look at familiar sights transformed by the mist to tranquil places of solitude and reflection.


Processed with Someday & Retro Summer from my Photoshop Actions available 2013.