20 September 2012

Demo ~ Waxworks Texture Collection

Red Rose


A BRAND NEW Texture collection comprising of 20 sublime wax and oil crafted textures. Each texture has been created using melted, etched, painted and brushed wax and oil surfaces. When blended they can produce creamy hazes, milky blurs and soft gentle renders, layered together to create effortless soft romantic finishes or use them individually to create a subtle hint of texture.

W A X W O R K S  T E X T U R E S

Rose Bucket


  1. Great tutorial. Both helpful and interesting. I particularly like how well you explain tweaks and variations that an artist can try.

  2. Hi Sarah! I just found out about you a few weeks ago though an online photography and Photoshop class I'm taking. I was going to try to resist buying your book~~I'm running out of space in my condo~~but I couldn't :~)

    I read about two-thirds of it on Wednesday evening and the rest on Thursday. I'm reading through it again today and just watched your videos, too. I've always used a Layer Mask to remove texture, but I love your technique of removing it by painting with a sampled color! I will try that soon!

    I'm not a professional photographer~~I just love taking pictures and playing with them in Photoshop :~) So thanks for writing your book and inspiring me to try new techniques!