25 September 2012

Blooming {The End of Summer}


Summers end is here, although the roses are still in their second flush the mornings are cold and I find myself reaching for my coat. The air is crisp and the leaves are turning on the fruit trees. My not so little lady celebrated her ninth birthday last week and with it the close of summer.  Most years I love the call of winter, and how the seasons change so magnificently with each passing day, but this year I don't feel ready to say my final farewell to summer. 

{Processed with Scumble and Black from the new Waxworks Collection}


  1. It is definitely autumn here in Finland, raining all day, the leaves are yellow and I ordered plenty of wood for the fireplace. Most of all I'm not ready say farewell to the light.
    I love your new wax textures and I think I have to have them:)

    1. Thank you Henrietta....I adore Autumn I just love summer too. Sx

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