19 July 2012

Second glance....

Yesterday I managed a couple of shots in the garden aftre school before the heavens opened again!   There are two difference between Nikon and Canon images that are immediately apparent.  The Nikon D800, mounted with the 1.4f  50mm lens, produces the most amazing bokeh distortions and the images are also much lighter in their mid tones than those shot with Canon. The overall skin tones are also fresher (reduced yellowing) and the sometimes heaviness of my Canon images appears reduced.  The shutter even sounds more punchy and decisive (not that that has anything to do with finished results) but it feels good and makes me feel slight more assertive.  The winning combination for me so far is definitely the amazing clarity combined with the wonderful dreamy blurs and bokeh distortions.  It's a joy to work with and the more I use it the more I think my Canon will stay firmly in its bag. 

Snap shot in the garden..... ISO 100   f/stop 1.8  1/1250
Nikon 6th

Converted in Photoshop (no sharpening)
Nikon 3rd

Nikon 4th

Nikon 5th


  1. Do you use any other lenses with the D800?

    1. Kathy, no I only have the 1.4 50mm at the moment. Will expand once I have gotten used to the camera. Within my Canon kit I have a 24 - 70mm, 100mm, 1.4 50mm, 1.8 35mm, 1.2 50mm.... these are my wedding kit lenses but I love the creativity that comes from the 50mm lenses. Sx

  2. Hi Sarah, So glad you are finding the D800 a joy to work with. I've had mine since March and have shot over 15,000 frames – I absolutely love it. The images are stunning but I also love that it makes me more precise in my shooting to take advantage of the sharpness and detail. It demands very accurate technique, and that's a good thing!

    Look forward to your images. xo

    1. Georgianna, I'm loving this camera and working with Nikon I do believe makes you think a little more about your exposures as the exposure compensation is just that bit harder to use that the canons. i love the way that as these cameras develop the results are looking more and more like film. love that. Sxx