2 July 2012

Building {Foundations}

French {Apples}

Starting with strong foundations...  
All good art starts with good beginnings.  Taking the time and investing yourself in getting the foundations right will always payout. Whether you're a painter preparing a canvas, a carpenter selecting the best wood, or a chief sourcing quality ingredients. The same is true when applying Textures to your photography. Investing time in understanding the principles of good camera operations, lighting and composition have to come first. 

French Apples before

Creative choice...
Working with Textures is an extension of my creativity, it's a choice, a preference, and ultimately my methods and techniques are about underpinning and amplifying what I want to say through my work.  The mood, narrative and feel I want to share with my audience rests on those choices.  But the success of an image starts long before I settle down in from of my computer. It starts with the basics of good image capture.  The choices I make at this stage will impact the way I proceed to work with Textures, from the lighting I select and the composition I seek.  Working with Textures is a marriage of two, non exclusive, skills, the photographer and the artist. 
In my now book, out this month, "Art Beyond the Lens, Working with Digital Textures" I'll explain in detail, how with a little pre planning and consideration, obtaining a strong foundation from which to work is key to getting the right results.         



A question of perspective...
I'll also discuss the importance of scale and depth of field. The tone, or color cast, Textures bring to my work.  I will also share how I 'pre process' an image so that it's ready to receive textures. My NEW book is packed with everything you've ever wanted to know about successfully working with Textures and more.  There are many things to consider and through the course of my work I draw repeatedly upon my training as a painter as well as my time working with film.

Going beyond...
Camera operations and texture application skills are the methods through which I apply my creative vision and expression. They've come to define my style through the combination in which I apply them.Today I work intuitively but strongly believe that creative expression, vision and voice is within us all.  Whatever level of photography you're currently at, whatever style or category your work currently resides under, creative understanding, strengthening and amplification are within your grasp.  


Izzy texture

Last Word...
Whether I choose to take an image further and texture it, or leave it be, is completely within my creative remit. But having a strong, solid foundation from which to make that choice is ultimately of significant importance.

For more information on working with Textures please refer to my book 'ART BEYOND THE LENS' available this month.  Also be sure to sign up to my Newsletter for updates.

NOTE: Top & bottom images processed with Artisan Textures.


  1. Congratulations on the book launch!
    I look forward to all the new goodness you have coming up!
    I would love to be a tester for PSE! :)

  2. I really love working with textures and I can't wait to receive your book. Your photos are amazing !
    Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, you are very generous !

  3. Thank you very much for sharing and being such an inspiration!I admire your work and it will be really amazing to receive your book and learn more from you!