18 July 2012

At first glance.....

Nikon 2nd

She was not at all impressed to see her mum wielding a new camera, triumphant in her latest weapon of choice in the war on seeking out perfect digital image capture.  A slight sneer curls the corner of her mouth at the prospect of being my model for the duration of the summer break!

The question is am I going to fall in love with my new Nikon d800, well I think that's a very strong possibility.   Yes, its controls are all over the place compared to my faithful Canon and its not as intuitive to navigate its design, but the image quality is stunning.  I have read nearly every review on the whole Canon v's Nikon debate and not having a new Canon to hand I cannot ever make a real scientific judgment. I'm certainly not selling my Canon kit for a while and I will no doubt spend a lot of time getting used to my new for now I'm off to play some more and I report back with some techie details too.


  1. Hi Sarah! I do so hope you fall in love with the D800. While I had to upgrade cards, hard drives and storage because they fill up fast, the images are so worth it. Looking forward to seeing yours! xo

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