17 May 2012

Your presence is needed

Taylor Wessing Entry 2012
ISO 500  1/160  f1.8 

This portrait was taken last summer, my son burst into my office whilst I sat working at the computer and stood there, he didn't say a word, just stood there in front of me, so what did I do I grabbed my camera! Then I gave him a hug, perhaps this was the wrong way around but I had to capture this look. 

As a photographer, and a mother, it's a blessing being able to work from home. I choose my hours and work around the holidays and family commitments. But working from home isn't as easy on those that are required to share my time as I would like to think. Sometimes I need to remember to power down the computer, turn off the Xbox, DS's Ipads, radio, washing machine, TV and mobile phone and just connect.  It amazes me how we are so hungery as a soiciety to connect to the world around us through the Internet and social media, we even seek out to connect spiritually to a high calling, yet sometimes those that need our connection and our presence are standing right in front of us. 

Taylor Wessing Portrait Entry for 2012
I have been looking through all the portraits I took last year trying to find one that fits the criteria for the Taylor Wessing 2012 portrait competition. I have taken a  fair few but I keep coming back to this one. To take a portrait of someone that actually 'tells' the viewer something about the persons identity is really very difficult. It's incredibly hard to capture something that goes beyond just the way someone looks, to communicate, with a silent voice, that which is hidden.   This may not be the best photograph I have ever taken, nor the best technically but it tells me everything I need to know right there in his face, I hope the judges see it too. For anyone else that wants to enter you have until the 9th July, find out more HERE.


  1. How true is that. Few weeks ago, a friend of mine said that we need to live in a present time. That's what I always remember when there is an urge to reach out to iPhone rather than snuggling with my daughter. Thank you for sharing, Sarah.

  2. What a beautiful post. I also work from home, and its harder than people think! we have two jobs not one! Love the photo , well done :)

  3. I agree Sarah, it's a tough balance. You captured a beautiful image of your son though. Every time you look at it you know how much he needs you to be present for him. Lately my own families needs seem to be winning out over blogging and photography.