24 January 2012

Valentines Giveaway

Give a little extra for Valentines......
Together we can make Valentines count for more than just candy!

More than just candy!

Valentines Giveaway 6th ~ 14th February

I NEED YOUR HELP.....because this time I'm going to ask you to help me nominate the Charity!

Comment & Share
Please post a comment on my Facebook 'CHARITY NOMINATIONS' Tab to nominate the charity of your choice, a resisted Charity will be selected by the 4th February 2012.  


Terms & Conditions:
Charities must be a genuine and be officially registered. They must have an online presence and donation facilities. The final notation will be minus online hosting and payment fees.  Sarah Gardner Photography has the right to withdraw this activity or reassign raised notations to another legal reasons permit. Sarah Gardner Photography reserves all rights.