8 January 2012

Dickens Inspired {Part II}

I adore vintage dress and costume, the idea of playing dress up and creating a 'look' which conveys a narrative that dominates my personal portrait work. I aspire to go beyond what my camera alone can achieve and use digital textures in my processing to strengthen an images story.  Personal photographic projects like this one, allow me to take my work to a more personal and intuitive level. Adding textures enables me to create truly unique works of photographic art that combine my skills as both a photogarpher and a Fine Art painter.

Here I wanted to create a diversity between the implied grandeur and the soft deterioration that textures imply. Processed using {English Manor's ~ Landscape Texture} and {English Manors ~ Sunday's Chair Texture} I was able to apply soft ghost like grain with contrasting stronger impressions. 
See full collection of textures here.



This beautiful vintage Top hat was purchased in Carnaby Street, London in the 1980's. The true age of the hat is unknown but it's an original Christys Top Hat . It's sized for a child and according to the name embroidered inside it originally belonged to a Jes Armstrong.



  1. Sarah I absolutely love this look. Beautiful work.

  2. I LOVE these Sarah ~ absolutely stunning x