6 January 2011

Sweetest Moment of 2010

Working as a professional children's photographer I have to have a good sense of humor (and I do.) I have witnessed lots of those adorable funny things children love to do! Like the little lady who wouldn't stop putting her dress over her head to the boy who wouldn't stop singing! Then there was the day I lost my ballet pump to, yes, cow poop whist out shooting in a field! Oh how the children laughed and laughed! I'm alway only too happy to provide the entertainment, but o' what a stinky, sticky mess!

Yes, the actual process isn't always as calm as the finished product. For those of you who photograph children, or have attended a kiddy photo shoot, you'll know exactly what I mean! Somewhere, often surround in much chaos, comes those few moments where it all comes together...before deteriorating again!

From all the mishaps and outtakes of 2010 below is my personal favourite! Only able to speak a few words little Miss L clearly was fed up with me borrowing her favourite puppy to photograph! This belonged to her and in her own way she let me know it!

Far too cute not to share! Happy New Year, Sarah x

The sweetest moment


  1. ooh look at that determined little face:)

  2. Oh how cute! The editing and colouring is beautiful.

  3. Love this!
    Just adorable.

  4. Amazing shot. Love the emotion.. she is divine. Wonderful blog Carla